A List Of Interesting Health Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Health Psychology has become a growing field of study and many aspects of health and well being can be traced back to psychological factors that influence our life and attitude to illness.

When considering ideas for your health psychology dissertation you need to consider ideas that not only apply to your course but also motivate you to research and write about the subject.

Your dissertation will be one of the most important pieces of work that you will complete, so you need to be comfortable with the subject area as well motivated to write about it in a way that enthuses others.

  • Take a look at careers in health psychology. What other career opportunities are available for people who have studied the subject. This gives you the opportunity to think outside the box and do some interesting research.
  • Compare and contrast the different approaches to preventing young people from smoking. Which strategies are the most effective and how do they relate to models of behavior.
  • When you pick up any magazine for women, there is always an article on dieting. What is the psychological effect on women and their attitude to their own image?
  • When a person has suffered a trauma or has witnessed a trauma what is the best form of support that medical professionals can give and why is it so successful?
  • Using a case study, discuss the impact of being a Carer. Bear in mind that Carers can be children. Use your dissertation to debate the impact on the child.
  • Evaluate some of the most successful stress management strategies. Why are they so successful? Is it because they can be managed by the individual? What is there success when used for pain relief?
  • Looking at Health & Safety directives, it is important that people report problems to prevent accidents. Why do some people not do this?
  • Over the years there has been good support for childhood immunizations especially to prevent diseases such as Measles, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough. Currently some parents have opted out from this program, what has been the impact on public health and why?
  • Why are there higher incidents of self harm and suicides with teenagers than there was 20 years ago? What constitutes self-harm.
  • Government directives about the adverse effect of certain foods has got to the point where eating has become complicated. What strategies to people use to sift through all the information that is given?

Remember that any dissertation idea that you choose must be supported by psychological evidence and relate to your Health Psychology course of study.

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