Getting A Free Nursing Dissertation Example Online: Vital Advice

With most students having easier access to the internet than they have to conventional methods of research, like libraries etc. then it is hardly surprising that they should take to their smartphones and tablets in droves. Let’s face it, why on earth would you want to spend your weekend in a musty, old library when you can just as easily get a free nursing dissertation example while waiting for friends in a coffee shop, or even enjoying a lazy morning in bed?

The internet is the way forward right?

While, yes I agree that there are many advantages to doing a lot of your research and sourcing your materials online, you also need to stay safe and be aware of the dangers and the risks. So just what are the best ways of getting a free nursing dissertation online?

Google Scholar

This is in my humble opinion, the best and safest way of getting what you are looking for online free of charge. It is also painless to search and incredibly easy to navigate. Unlike a lot of sites where you are continually bombarded by dozens of irritating pop ups, Google scholar makes searching easy. In the same way as you would use Google to search for a pizza delivery company, or do your online shopping it is now very straightforward to search for all of your academic needs.

A generic search

If using a corporate monolith like Google just doesn’t sit well with you, then you do have a range of other options at your disposal. A generic internet search on just about any search engine will throw up a whole host of choices. Just be careful that you are not being unwittingly sucked into something for which you are going to end up paying a fortune.

Your college website

If you haven’t already searched your college website, do so. Chances are, this is full of really useful information, and yes, example dissertations.

Other college websites

Just because you have chosen to study at a particular college or university doesn’t mean to say that you can’t check out the websites of other academic establishments. It is always worth having a look at a variety of different ones as regional variations can sometimes influence topic choice.


There are a lot of blogs out there that have been set up by students for students. Take some time to check them out. Not only might you stumble across the help that you need with your latest assignment, but you might find gateways into a student community that you might never have otherwise known existed.

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