Advice On How Do You Choose A Dissertation Topic

This document is the most important one in your academic lifetime. It will take at least a year to write. You will argue it. It will consume you and there needs to be some guidelines on how o do it. Use our expert advice on this.

Advice on How to Select a Dissertation Topic

  • Talk to your advisor-he or she is the expert, use them as often as you have to do so

  • Read trade magazines-you should be subscribing to magazines that concentrate on your field of study, flip through those periodicals for ideas

  • Go to the media center or the library for you major-ask to see all archived and published theses, you wan tot see what is out here, what to avoid, and what got a good response, know the media center or library specialist

  • Do a keyword search-by doing a keyword search you can find on the Internet ideas to avoid, new ideas, and possible subject matter. Do a keyword search, but use professional and academic sites, be particular about what you are willing to look at and to trust.

  • Email or call the experts in your field-ask the experts what they think, they will be flattered, and they know better than anyone what is trending in the field

  • Go to the bookstore-go to a bookstore and go to the section that relates to your field of study, look at what is there and what grabs your attention

  • Professional business sites-go to the business sites of the top ten companies in your field, see what those people are talking about

  • Use social media-use the social media release that happen daily and see if any of them are relative to your field of study

  • Talk to fellow class peers-talk to your fellow classmates and see what they think is pertinent in the field you are getting the degree, value what your friends have to say. Do not ask anyone who is also seeking their higher degree; they will think you are trying to steal their ideas. Be careful whom you ask for advice.

  • Take an old idea and freshen it up-take an old subject and totally change the point of view or take the other side’s opinion, sometimes just changing the point of view will make an old idea very fresh, exciting, and totally innovative. Freshen up an old idea.

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