Key Characteristics Of The Dissertation Conclusion Format

Doctoral students spend years working on their dissertation. It is the masterpiece that, if successfully written, paves the way for a PhD and the start of a career in either academia or research. Every part of this composition is important, particularly the conclusion. This is not a section to put together at the last minute, and there is a fair amount of thought and design to go into it. The conclusion format contains the following qualities.

  • It Must Be Brief and Concise. Even though it is important conclusion should know where near be as long as other sections. There is certain information has to be conveyed and that is all.

  • It Must Consider What Has Been Discovered. What has been learned from all the research should be in the final paragraphs of the text.

  • The Conclusion Is Written in the Writer’s Voice. The doctoral student should be writing conclusion in his or her own words. The use of quotations or thoughts from other people should not be here.

  • A Call to Action. Although the dissertation is comprehensive, this work is not the final story. The conclusion should include recommendations for future research.

  • The Benefits of the Research. The dissertation was not accomplished for the sake of writing a book. Some tangible benefits of the efforts, and how it advanced knowledge in the field, should be noted.

  • A Concise Summation. That should dominate the entire conclusion as a guiding force. A student is summarizing all the effort in addition to any calls for action.

  • A Good Recommendation. This goes a little bit beyond call for future research. The student can draw on experience and recommend possible methodologies or means of extracting new information from data. It gives a guide to any future activity.

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