Looking For Well-Structured Dissertation Proposal Examples 

Work on your dissertation may be the most important piece of written work that you ever produce, as it will be used not only for your qualification, but you will refer to it in your CV and applications to the point that it may be distributed to several prospective employers.

There is a lot of pressure to get your work as near as you can to perfection. The best starting point is to look at examples of dissertations that are well-structured and illustrate good practise. They also need to demonstrate the logical progression of the process.

  1. Make sure that you know what a well-structured dissertation proposal looks like. Each proposal should have all of the following sections.

    • Title – this may become more refined as work progresses.

    • Introduction – an account of why this topic was chosen and a progression of the ideas that have led to the proposed work in the area.

    • Aims and Objectives – these need to be precise.

    • Methodology - a logical progression of the way that the topic will be explored.

    • Literature Review - this needs to be balanced by works that support and criticise the background theory and concepts.

    • Scope and Constraints – this is not a definitive list.

    • Resources –all resources need to be listed here.

    • Outline of Sections/Chapters – there are usually 4 chapters, with the Literature Review accounting for one of the chapters.

    • Timetable - this may be quite detailed.

    • References – if you are looking at an example in your field of study you will be able to focus on the same referencing style.

  2. Read the remit that you have been given by your tutor/professor, as some of the instructions may be specific to your area of study and could vary.

  3. Your tutor/professor may be able to provide you with some examples of dissertation proposals. They may even discuss the merits of the work involved in the examples. Ideally they need to give you several examples, so you will be able to pick out a proposal that is good, poor and exceptional to enable you to make comparisons.

  4. You can also look for examples online from specialist academic writing agencies. Ideally you need to look for free samples. You may have to sign up to the site to access these samples but it should only require you to give some information about your interests, field or study and your email address. Preferably you need to access examples that have been annotated to give you a good idea of the precision of the work that you need to complete.

  5. There are several websites that can provide instructional videos that can be very useful. They are usually produced by tutors or professors, and will give you a blow-by-blow account of how you should approach the task and at the same time warn you of some of the pitfalls involved in producing a dissertation proposal.

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