How To Think Of A Dissertation Title: Useful Advice From An Expert

The first impression of your dissertation is the title. You have to ensure that it highlights the purpose of the study. While thinking of your dissertation heading, ensure that it have the following qualities:

  • The topic should be descriptive and explanatory rather than being just general.
  • Each word of your dissertation title carries mean. It aids the reader in understanding the core focus of your dissertation. In general, the title should support to explain things like purpose of the research, variables that you observed, research design, context or population studied among others.

  • The title should be Precise.
  • It should be concise but not too short. You should try and explain the nature of your research in the least words possible. You may opt to use simple word orders, as well as common word combinations.

  • Internal consistency is another great quality of a great dissertation title.
  • You should ensure that your thesis title really depicts what you re to write about. It would fail being internally consistent if your title makes the reader think that the research concerns one thing, when in reality it is about another. Simply check that each constituent of your title replicates the research you performed. Being consistent with the language you use in the title and the rest of the thesis is paramount.

  • Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms and initials in your thesis headings.
  • These should be used in the main body of the dissertation but not in the topic. In the title, abbreviations, acronyms or initials could lead to confusion, as well as have different meanings for different people. However when these are used in the main body of the thesis, there is time to explain them.

  • Also avoid the use of a teasing or cute style in your topic.
  • A teasing or cute style of title certainly spurs inquisitiveness. However, sometimes a teasing or cute title style may be confusing and it also makes it harder for the reader to comprehend the nature of the dissertation before reading your abstract.

  • Your title should also use the correct style and grammar.
  • Some of the styles used are the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Modern Languages Association (MLA). Mainly, students in Medicine and the Sciences use the AMA style; the Social Sciences and Psychology students use the APA style; whilst the MLA style is used by the Liberal Arts and Humanities students.

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