Five Simple Ways To Find A Checked Dissertation Proposal Example On Hospitality

When you are ready to start writing your proposal for your dissertation in hospitality, it would be very beneficial to have an example to look at. Many students search for these examples because it makes the writing process easier. A lot hinges on handing in a good paper; it’s a demonstration of your confidence and knowledge about the hospitality topic you’ve selected for your dissertation.

5 Ways you can search for a proposal example

The top priority is to find and use a dissertation proposal example that has quality and is trustworthy. Only when it meets these two minimum standards will it be good enough to use as an example to write your own. Here’s how you should go about finding a great example:

  1. Ask your college or university professor for an example.

  2. Go online to college websites and look for checked examples.

  3. Do a search through a writing company to see if they have checked hospitality proposal examples.

  4. Go to your university library and look for pieces from past successful students and use one for an example.

  5. Hire a freelance writer to write one for you.

Writing your hospitality dissertation proposal using a checked example

This piece of writing must serve to convince your academic committee that your research question is worth pursuing and that you have the skills and knowledge and confidence to pursue it. You must explain the importance of your research and how it will add to the public body of knowledge. Basically, you must do the following four things:

  • Define and delimit your hospitality research question

  • Explain why your question is important to someone who isn’t familiar with the details

  • Present your hypotheses which can be tested and say how you plan on testing them

  • Show you have a plan laying out the details for the execution of the dissertation research

You must do more than just show what you think is true. You must be explicit about how your conclusions will be formed from any assumptions you have made. Keep your purpose clear at all times.

A great example will show you how to format your proposal, how long it should be, what topics it should cover, and what type of language to use, and so on. It can be used as a template, or map to follow.

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