How To Follow The Proper Dissertation Format Without Much Effort

Writing a dissertation is a great experience. However, this is one of the most complicated assignments in a student’s academic career, so you should be organized and motivated in order to meet all the requirements of your academic advisor and submit your paper before the deadline. To save your time and effort, use the following guidelines on how to structure and format your work without a hitch.

How to Structure a Typical Dissertation

Experts agree that there is no general consensus on what the right format of a dissertation is. You should decide what kind of structure allows you to present your research project in the best way. It is a good idea to consult your academic advisor before you start writing your paper. However, you should also learn how to organize a typical paper:

  • Create a title page with all the relevant information about the assignment.

  • Summarize the background, research methods, and main results in your abstract.

  • Compose a list of contents, including all the chapters and subchapters.

  • In the first chapter provide the rationale behind your work.

  • In the second chapter summarize the literature supporting your key ideas.

  • In the third chapter describe the used methods and approaches.

  • Analyze the data and research findings in two or three chapters.

  • Draw conclusions based on previous chapters.

  • Prepare a list of references cited in your dissertation.

  • Add supplementary materials into appendices if applicable.

How to Format Your Dissertation Quickly

You should have all the requirements of your professor and understand what nuances you should keep in mind. There are several formatting styles that you can use depending on your paper topic. It makes sense to get a formatting manual to learn the general rules and get some examples to follow.

Having a good sample will allow you to format your work without much effort. However, it requires some skills to search for a reliable document. The best place to start your search is your school’s library and academic writing center. You can also find dozens of well-written documents on the Web.

It is a good idea to ask your academic advisor or fellow students to share samples of dissertation format templates. You can benefit from these documents because they usually meet all the requirements of your school. So, read them carefully, paying special attention to what formatting settings to apply, how to entitle the chapters, and how many sources to include in the reference list.

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