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Writing about music is more demanding that people think. You need to be really creative and flexible, so that you can truly grasp and depict a certain problem in music. Here is some trick how to write a good dissertation related to music.

Don’t go underground, write about modern classic

Nowadays it is very popular to write and talk about hip music, the one that has only for the last few years been popular. Many are trying to find out how and why are certain genres popular. There are many people that write about that, but not to many that are willing to research about past authors that weren’t recognized and popular at the time as much as they should. So instead of writing about someone that is popular now, think of someone that has not been popular enough, someone from the past, and asks you why.

Be different, ignore the rules

Thing with music is that artist who were ahead of their time have managed to stay alive centuries after their death. And they usually ignored the rules of how you are supposed to make music; they just did what they taught it’s the right thing. So you should also thing like those musicians when writing a dissertation related to music. Ignore the standard form, and just compose your thesis the way you think your reader will understand and appreciate the best.

Ask for help from real musicians

Your professor can be an expert, but they are probably not a performing artist that is adored by millions. If they are, you are a lucky person to be their student. But if you don’t have such an exhilarating professor, try to ask someone more renowned for help. It sounds silly but you may explain your situation and ask them to help you out write the best dissertation about music your professors have seen.

Start from the middle

Usually people tell you that you have to know the end or the conclusion of your thesis in order to even start to write one. But with music, it is more important if you clearly know the question that is bothering you that is to know the disagreement, the problem you trying to solve. So you have to start from the middle. If you carry out the main opposition of you thesis correct, than the conclusion and the rest of the dissertation will come easily.

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