Creating A Psychology Dissertation Title Easily

A title is a very important part of a psychology dissertation. However, many students ignore this significant fact. This leads to them getting lower scores for their works just because of the poorly written titles. There are some basic rules that you should know when composing a title for your psychology paper. If you don’t know them, you may read about these rules below.

  1. Know what the title is for.
  2. The title isn’t just a label for your work. The name of your paper should be the first summary of the contents. Just by looking at the title of your thesis, the readers should understand what to expect from the text.

  3. Grab your readers’ attention.
  4. The name of your dissertation should be noticeable and memorable. Use the words that will make it look punchy or even compelling. If you don’t have such linguistic talents and knowledge, you may consult some of your friends who study English or journalism.

  5. Make it understandable.
  6. You should write your title in such a way so that readers can clearly understand what your work is about. Make sure that it doesn’t sound ambiguous. Unclear titles not only confuse readers but also upset the members of committees.

  7. Indicate your category.
  8. There are many different types of dissertations with different purposes, even within the same field, like psychology. Consult your instructor to know how to signal your readers so that they know the type of your paper just by looking at your title.

  9. Keep your focus.

    The title of your paper should focus on the main purpose of your research. There is no need to be extensively descriptive. You will be able to write about your secondary goals in the introduction and body of your paper.

  10. Be distinctive.
  11. You should try to make your title be distinctive. In this case, your readers will better remember the name of your work and it will be easier for them to tell other people about it. Try to use words that aren’t often seen in other titles.

  12. Format it properly.
  13. You shouldn’t also forget that your title must meet the requirements of your university. Consult your professor or instructor to know all the details about formatting your title. For example, you should definitely know about the maximal and the minimal number of words that your title should include.

If you follow these recommendations, you’ll be able to compose a decent and catchy title for your psychology dissertation.

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