A List Of Winning Master’s Dissertation Topics You Can Handle

Writing a master’s dissertation is not an easy task. At best, it will take several months to cope with this assignment. You will have to do serious research on the topic of your paper, process all relevant information, analyze obtained data, and represent your views on the issue in a well-organized and grounded way. This burden will be much easier if you are interested in the subject of your dissertation. Moreover, the topic of your master’s paper should be manageable. It means that you should have enough sources to base your research on. Here is a list of good dissertation topics in different subject areas that are both researchable and original:

  1. Linguistics
    • English in the poems by Shakespeare: analyzing the word formation and style.
    • The role of parents in foreign language acquisition by pre-school children.
    • Evolution of spoken English in the last fifty years: is it developing or degrading?
  2. Finance
    • Choosing the most effective investment strategy: how to assess the project and what aspects to consider first?
    • Margin financing: analyzing its efficiency in different countries.
    • Surviving the financial crisis: what qualities should a bank have to withstand hard times?
  3. Marketing
    • Effective marketing strategies in a limited budget.
    • E-marketing: new tricks and solutions.
    • Strengths and weaknesses of a famous brand: analyzing consumer behavior.
  4. Medicine
    • Quarantining contagious diseases: effective methods on early stages by the example of tuberculosis.
    • Mental health of nurses in psychiatric practices.
    • Prevention of stress among teenagers: assessing existing methods.
  5. Environment
    • Nuclear power versus wind power: which one is more cost-effective?
    • Practical solutions on how to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses by the beauty salons.
    • Recycling food waste: existing techniques and new solutions.
  6. Music
    • Evolution of jazz: from slave tunes to big band music.
    • Decline of popular music: looking for reasons.
    • Street music and public space: why are street performers popular nowadays?
  7. Human resource management
    • The best human resource planning strategies to find successful employees.
    • Impact of employee turnover on the company profitability: looking for the solutions.
    • Universal qualities of a good HR manager: why is this profession not for everybody?
  8. Sociology
    • Sunday schools: are they as popular as they were fifty years ago?
    • Racial discrimination in prisons: fight it or leave it?
    • What does it mean to be a social worker? – A critical analysis of modern teaching programs and challenges of the profession.

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