Choosing Dissertation Topics On Strategic Management: 18 Ideas

When you are a management student, and you need to write a dissertation on a topic of strategic management, sometimes you come up with a blank. Therefore, this article is so designed that you get 18 different ideas on choosing topics for your research work.

When you think of strategic management, you need to think of thesis which will encompass the competitive advantage of the organization and maximize their organization’s growth and development. This is the view which the top management needs to have of the organization to take it forward in the future.

Some ideas you can expand on as part of your homework for creating your thesis could be:

  1. What are the various factors which influence the entry modes? The dissertation should encompass both the internal as well as external factors.

  2. The role that the World Wide Web plays in the growth of small and medium enterprise strategies. The dissertation, in this case, should have case studies which support the thesis.

  3. How should companies prepare for a merger? The homework will need to be done on different kinds of mergers and how they were handled in each of the cases.

  4. The theoretical framework of how research and development strategies are created, integrated as well as constantly monitored to ensure they support the corporate strategy that has been designed.

  5. How can one become a global player? What are the requirements, challenges which are faced as well as the imperatives

  6. In the electricity industry – the diversification. Why it took place, how it took place and what are the outcomes of it. This needs to be done with proper homework in terms of case studies especially of the Electricity distribution companies of Europe.

  7. How Global business teams with multinational corporations. How intervening processes work

  8. Looking at social capital, how is it that strategic IT partnerships work to transform outsourcing as an IT value

  9. How is it that the strategy of corporations is affected by corporate governance?

  10. How can investment decisions be aligned with the overall corporate as well as investment strategy

  11. How is it that open source and freeware are profitable business models

  12. What are the management controls?

  13. What are business strategy methods and measures?

  14. Supply Chain Management that is sustainable

  15. Challenges seen by Public Sector Enterprises

  16. How companies perform post acquisitions and mergers

  17. How can corporate identity be managed

  18. What is the strategy behind reward systems

These dissertation topic ideas on strategic management should get you started. Use these to spark your own imagination!

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